UK citizens and from other countries that participate in the visa waiver program need to obtain an ESTA (Electronic System Travel Authorization) authorization before going to the United States. The new ESTA application has changed since November 3, 2014. Please enter all the requested information. Thefields marked with a red asterisk are required. Each member of the traveling group must fill out a separate application. You will receive an email with the authorization status of your ESTA and the corresponding document, after completing the application and payment.


  • Complete the ESTA for USA application form

  • Send the application

  • Verify the accuracy of your general information

  • Provide payment information

  • The ESTA authorization documents will be sent through your email


  • 100% refund if your request is rejected

  • Review made by experts

  • Additional assistance via email or chat

  • Receive travel information updates for your 2  years ESTA period

  • Benefit of printing the ESTA approval document in an easy PDF format

  • Assistance to retrieve your ESTA document and the authorization number, in case of loss

  • Track and update status of your ESTA application

  • Special Assistance for group or business travelers



  • Review made by experts

  • Immediate assistance

  • Customized form

  • Streamlined proceeding available

  • High approval ESTA rates

  • Multi-language support

  • ESTA learning center

ESTA official application


© 2020 Estaofficial is a private company and is not affiliated with any government agency. We assist foreign travelers who need the proper documents to enter the United States. Our service fees are US $ 64. The approximate price in Euros is between 55- 60 Euros, depending on the exchange rate of your credit card. These include all government filing fees, plus service charges to assist you in the process. You can choose to hire our services or you can visit the State Department or the National Security websites and complete the proceeding and the necessary forms to travel to the US on your own for a lower price: $14. The Government website can be accessed directly at ESTA.CBP.DHS.GOV.